Looking at the future: Additive Manufacturing

While it may be cliché to call additive manufacturing the manufacturing process of the future, there is no denying it has a near Star Trek level of futuristic mystique surrounding it. Products come into being from seemingly nothing with additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, with the whirl of an arm crane, flash of light, or the trace of a laser.


As the course writer, I was blown away right out of the gate by the sheer complexity 3D printed products are able to obtain as they are built slice by slice, layer by layer.

But AM technology is not the magic of the future that a spellbound layperson such as myself would make it out to be. Rather it is the product of hard work and years of ingenuity.

With our latest launch, we at THORS turn to one of additive manufacturing’s flagship technologies, Stereolithography (SLA). Developed in the 1980s, SLA is a practical 3D printing technology still used today for a variety of applications across multiple industries. Common applications include prototyping, patterns, tools, jigs and fixtures, and final parts.

In the Stereolithography course, subject matter experts Todd Grimm and Graham Tromans provide an introductory dive into the fundamental aspects of additive manufacturing while focusing on the technology specific to SLA.

Learners are able to view the entire printing process through a step-by-step breakdown of the SLA stages: design, pre-process, build, and post process. They are also able to review the different light-source approaches available to SLA, the quality factors, as well as the cost factors.

From chess pieces to helmets and hearing aids, AM’s reach is wide, and as it continues to grow, so does its familiarity. Its growth not only in the commercial sectors but also for consumers helps make this piece of the future a more common staple in each of our lives. As it has been said before and will be said again, we are living in an exciting age of technology. Nothing highlights that better than additive manufacturing.

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