5 Manufacturing industry trends to dominate in 2018

The manufacturing sector plays a very vital role in the economy of many countries. The industry contributes to economic growth, as a source of employment and productivity. Further still, it is imperative for future growth. It is therefore very important for manufacturing to grow. Undoubtedly, we are in a century where we have the best technology and facilities which, if implemented well, can be beneficial to the industry.


Here are five trends which will dominate the manufacturing industry in the year to come:

Use of robots: Now, almost all major manufacturing industries are implementing artificial intelligence to increase productivity. In the coming year, along with artificial intelligence, the manufacturing industry will have robots. These robots will be managed by human beings and their use will be extensive, thus increasing output. The robots will be used to complete bulk tasks that will take them considerably less time to do than it would a human worker.

Use of virtual reality: Manufacturing will greatly profit from the use of more technology. Manufacturing will rely on the virtual world for product design and testing. The design of a product in the virtual realm will not only give a complete idea about a product before it goes to market, but will also save time and money. Teams anywhere in the world will be able to connect virtually and have live discussions; it will be an integral part of the process.

Use of hi-tech environments: Apart from the above factors which contribute directly to increasing production, there are many different factors which also have an impact on growth. Factors such as the compilation of data, coordination between various machines, performance trackers, or any other data or information required from time to time. This will all be done by intelligent factories. The Internet of Things (IoT) will also provide information to make the correct decisions whenever required.

Use of 3D printing: The use of 3D printing will surely be trending in the coming year. This will be a great move in the manufacturing world, as it will allow full freedom to design a part. It will give a full view of all the possibilities without much effort. Companies in any sector will reap benefits from saving time, effort, and waste. Another benefit to using 3D printing over traditional machines is that the materials used in producing a part will be able to be recycled and reused. 

Maximum use of automation: This is the era of automation; hence, the maximum use of automation will be the priority of manufacturing. Automation technology will help companies in multiple ways. Automation can shorten the time it takes to complete tasks, simplify complex human tasks, and increase the precision with which work can be done. There is no limit to its use and it will be beneficial to all types of industries.

The manufacturing industry will be under a lot of pressure to perform and meet consumer expectations. These trends should help make workflows more efficient to meet this increased demand.

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