5 Emerging eLearning trends

The manufacturing ecosystem is very demanding with industries which usually require a lot of ingenuity. To encourage this innovative approach, incorporating and implementing quality eLearning programs as a method of training is crucial. In a manufacturing company, workers do not have enough time for training. With the steady backbone of technology, eLearning has been able to create training for a variety of audiences with different learning needs. For eLearning to be truly impactful, one needs to understand the rule that one size DOES NOT fit all.


Nearly three months into 2017, trends have already started emerging that will likely define learning over the next year. Here are a few upcoming trends to watch out for:

Contextualized learning

In the coming months, we can expect a wider acceptance of micro-learning and digital learning design that addresses the needs of manufacturing employees. To move beyond just resource-based approaches, eLearning providers are working on multi-pronged approaches that fit in different consumption windows and patterns. Micro-learning modules can be accessed via mobile and other devices as small bits of data providing a treasure trove of information, making it extremely convenient and popular, especially in the manufacturing sector. It aids the learners to assess their current knowledge while keenly eyeing upcoming information.

Real mobile learning

Mobile learning has been consistently listed as a trend for almost 10 years now. That trend is now moving towards real mobile learning, that is, mobile learning that really leverages the unique affordability of mobile devices. There’s a growing demand for Mobile First design for bite-sized chunks that can be consumed in less than five minutes as performance support, key point recaps, or as continuous reinforcement over time.

Interactive videos

Video content use is increasing. By 2019, video will be responsible for 80% of Internet traffic around the world. Videos (including both live video and 2D/3D animation) are going to be trending in coming days. The WiFi and mobile network connectivity of mobile devices has led to the resurgence of video use in training. Coming trends will be interspersing video clips with decision point questions to form either a linear or a branching flow, or embedding interactivity within or over a video clip itself in a meaningful way so as to achieve a specific learning outcome.

Social eLearning

Social learning has gone beyond just being a buzzword and is increasingly used by organizations to foster collaborative learning and, more significantly, is finding application in the professional setting. There is great power in social polling, where learners can give their opinion or rate something, like a video, and then see what everyone else thinks.

Content curation

Curation of content is sure to be a top trend of 2017. In the coming months, we can expect to see more carefully selected, user-focused elearning content, including blogs, forum threads, guides, videos, and articles. These kinds of content enable learning teams to generate a modern and holistic set of learning content delivered via designed content or multiple resources that don’t need to be made from scratch.

We’ve often focused on emerging technologies that have the power to transform the corporate eLearning landscape. The above list will help in bringing some clarity as to what you really should strive for in the year to come, and understand where the learning industry is headed.

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