ILT: Understand Customer Personality Styles to Help You Sell More Effectively

The landscape has shifted drastically in these uncertain times. For most companies, the usual face-to-face interaction has shifted to phone calls and video conferences. As a result, one of the most key aspects of selling – understanding the customer’s personality style– has become much more challenging.

  • Do you know your own personality style?
  • How confident are you in identifying other people’s personalities?
  • Are there personality styles that you struggle in communicating with?
  • Can you tailor your approach and adjust to different personality styles quickly?

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to understand the Four Personality Styles and how to effectively sell to each type.

With effective training and technique, this important skill can create value in your daily interactions with customers and co-workers.

Speak your buyer’s language.
Communicate effectively.
Increase your sales success!

About the presenter

Dan Larson co-authored The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth with business partner, five-star speaker, Jack Daly. An Amazon best-seller on its day of release in 2016, the book was also launched with Forbes Books in 2017 as one of the top 10 national first-release books, debuting in Times Square, New York City. As CEO, and Head Sales Coach of Leverage Sales Coaching, Dan Larson leads a team of coaches to produce highly effective sales development services for Owners, Executives, all levels of Sales Managers and salespeople. They help companies build and implement an effective Sales Playbook to repeat best sales practices to win more business – increasing their productivity, and equipping them to grow and scale their results.

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Wednesday, august 19, 2020
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