Castings: Bonded Sand – Horizontally Parted Molds

Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Molds is an interactive course designed for any learner who works in a bonded sand foundry and must be familiar with the parts of a horizontally parted mold. In this course, learners engage with animations and interactives designed to provide a basic understanding of a bonded sand mold, its parts, and how each part functions in producing a casting.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is a horizontally parted mold.
  • Identify the parts of a horizontally parted mold.
  • Recognize the function of each part of a horizontally parted mold.
Course Length: 1 HRS

Table of Contents

Bonded Sand: Horizontally Parted Mold Visual Menu Overview

What Is a Horizontally Parted Mold?

Parts of a Horizontally Parted Mold

  • Mold Halves
  • Gating System – Filling System
  • Gating System – Feeding System
  • Additional Features

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