The Wheel Basics course is an introduction to automotive wheels. Presented in THORS’ highly visual and interactive learning format, this course is designed to provide learners with an understanding of the basic wheel concepts, the different wheel types, and the different materials used to manufacture wheels.

Wheel Basics

Learning Objectives
  • Recall the terminology associated with wheels.
  • Describe the various factors to consider while selecting a wheel material.
  • Identify the different markings and traceability details on wheels.
  • Recall the different types of on-road and off-the-road wheels.
  • Recognize the different parts of on-road and off-the-road wheels.
This course includes
Pre / Post-Assessment
Course Length: 2 h
Completion Certificate

Table of Contents

Wheel Concepts

  • Wheel Terminology
  • Material Selection
  • Wheel Traceability
  • Wheel Markings
  • Global Standards

On-Road Wheels

  • Passenger Car Wheels
  • Truck Wheels
  • Two-Wheeler Wheels

Off-The-Road Wheels

  • Agricultural Tractor Wheels
  • Earthmover Wheels
  • Forklift Wheels
  • All-Terrain Vehicle Wheels

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