Compressor Fundamentals – Positive Displacement

The Compressor Fundamentals: Positive Displacement course is an informative entry-level course to positive displacement compressors for learners in the compressor industry and other interested individuals. In this course, learners are provided with an introduction to the basics of compressors, including types of compressors, common characteristics, and a discussion on single-stage vs. multi-stage compressors. The course then focuses on the types of positive displacement reciprocating compressors and positive displacement rotary compressors, reviewing the compression process, applications, specifications, and advantages and limitations of each compressor type.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what a compressor is and how it functions.
  • Recognize the differences between positive displacement and dynamic compressors.
  • Distinguish between reciprocating and rotary compressors.
  • Identify each compressor and recognize its applications and specifications.
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of each compressor type.
Course Length: 2.5 HRS

Table of Contents

Compressor Basics

  • What Is a Compressor?
  • Types of Compressors
    • Positive Displacement
    • Dynamic Compression
  • Common Characteristics
  • Single-Stage vs. Multi-Stage Compressors

Reciprocating Compressors

  • Piston Compressors
    • Piston Compression Process
    • Single-Acting vs. Double-Acting Piston Compressors
    • Trunk Type Compressors
    • Crosshead Type Compressors
    • Cylinder Configurations
    • Piston Compressor Applications
    • Piston Compressor Specifications
    • Piston Compressor Advantages and Limitations
  • Diaphragm Compressors
    • Diaphragm Compression Process
    • Diaphragm Compressor Applications
    • Diaphragm Compressor Specifications
    • Diaphragm Compressor Advantages and Limitations

Rotary Compressors

  • Screw Compressors
    • Screw Compression Process
    • Screw Compressor Oil Usage
    • Screw Compressor Applications
    • Screw Compressor Specifications
    • Screw Compressor Advantages and Limitations
  • Vane Compressors
    • Vane Compression Process
    • Vane Compressor Oil Usage
    • Vane Compressor Applications
    • Vane Compressor Specifications
    • Vane Compressor Advantages and Limitations
  • Scroll Compressors
    • Scroll Compression Process
    • Scroll Compressor Applications
    • Scroll Compressor Specifications
    • Scroll Compressor Advantages and Limitations
  • Lobe Compressors
    • Lobe Compression Process
    • Lobe Compressor Applications
    • Lobe Compressor Specifications
    • Lobe Compressor Advantages and Limitations

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