Why We Took Steel to the Fundamentals

With the release of our newest course, THORS has branched in a new and exciting direction! Fundamentals of Steel serves as an overview course for the broad and diverse industry of producing products made from steel. This course is a necessity for industries such as:

• Steel distributorsflat_roll_steel_sheet_steel.jpg

• Fastener manufacturers

• OEMs

• Gear manufacturers

• Fabrication houses

• Machine shops

• And many others…

Why is Fundamentals of Steel an overview course?

Because during our research and planning stages, we realized that the scope of steelmaking was unlike any other industry course we had developed before.

How big is the steel industry?

1.5 billion tons-worldwide-a-year-big. In addition to the tremendous amount of steel produced throughout the world, there are a variety of processes involved in its manufacturing. THORS’ steel courses in development include: Primary Steelmaking, Long Products, and Flat Products. Originally, these courses were meant to be stand-alone, process-based learning experiences. However, an issue arose: Steel can be complicated.
Despite being a material that just about everyone utilizes on a daily basis, there are a complex series of factors that contribute to making quality steel products; factors such as:

• Chemical composition

• Mechanical properties

• Alloying elements

• Thermo-mechanical processing

• Grading systems, and

• Much, much more…

So, instead of trying to inform learners of these basic yet important concepts at the beginning of every steel manufacturing course, we decided to make Fundamentals of Steel the pillar on which future steel courses are built. And in creating the course, we realized what an incredible asset this learning experience could be!

With this course, anyone directly or indirectly involved with the myriad of existing steel processes will gain valuable insight to the properties and procedures that are crucial to this enormous industry.

Because when it comes to steelmaking, everyone in manufacturing should know the Fundamentals.

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